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Grill Chisel Cleaning Tool
GrillSafe Grill Chisel bbg grill scraper on weber grill
Grill Chisel product features
Grill Chisel wood bbq brush and griddle scraper on a char broil grill
Pair of GrllSafe Grill Chisel wooden grill scrapers
Grill Chisel solid wood grill brush on gas grill
GrillSafe Pitmaster Edition wood grill scraper next to a Grill Chisel wooden bbq grill brush
The danger of wire grill brushes and benefits of wood grill scrapers
Three wooden grill scrapers made by GrillSafe
GrillSafe mini wooden grill scraper a weber grill
Made in USA badge on the GrillSafe store
Grill Chisel Cleaning Tool
Grill Chisel Cleaning Tool
Grill Chisel Cleaning Tool

Grill Chisel Cleaning Tool

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Simple, Safe, Effective Grill Care

Protect your grill, food and family from the dangers of wire bristle brushes with the GrillSafe GRILL CHISEL. It's the ultimate wooden BBQ grill cleaning tool and griddle scraper for outdoor cooks who value safety, performance AND portability.

Perfect for camping, boating, tailgating, RV'ing, picnics or as a second scraper for grillers with multiple grills.

  • 100% solid hardwood lasts for many seasons

  • Designed with a compact profile for single-hand ease-of-use

  • No hazardous and harmful loose wire bristles to worry about

  • Tappered scraping blade mates to your grill grates for a perfect fit

  • The more your use it the better it works

  • Works on any rail-type grill grate and flat griddles!

  • Safe for all grill surfaces including stainless steel, cast iron, enamel and aluminum

  • Scalloped handle for exceptional grip, cleaning comfort and control

  • Genuine leather hanging strap

  • Perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, house warming, return from duty, weddings, retirements, office gift swaps, and any special occasion including new grill purchases.


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