It's about time that it's about safety.

An important consumer safety notice about grill brushes.

The primary danger of using wire grill brushes is that the bristles often break off during cleaning, becoming stuck in the grease that remains on the grates, and then transferring to the food being grilled. When ingested, these bristles can cause severe injuries to the throat, esophagus, and digestive tract. Can you imagine that happening to you, your family, or friends? It's the primary reason GrillSafe was formed and launched - to provide you with a safer, better option for keeping grills clean and families safe.

  • Mike H from Texas

    "Product quality is OFF THE CHARTS! This is one GREAT grill brush". You get what you pay for.

  • Bill C from California

    LOVE your product. It's a BEAST! The design, craftsmanship are all OUTSTANDING!

  • Maureen R from Wisconsin

    I've used other wood grill scrapers. This one is by far the BEST-IN-CLASS in performance and durability!