If you're not cleaning with wood you're cooking dirty.

GREASE FIRES and METAL BRISTLES are the LEADING CAUSE of grilling-related MEDICAL EMERGENCIES each year - about 16,000 as last reported. Keep your family, friends and food safe. Make the move to GrillSafe wooden grill scrapers and start cleaning with care and cooking with confidence. 

  • Custom forms around all bar/rail style grill grates for a perfect fit.
  • Safe for all grill grate surfaces including stainless steel, cast iron, enamel and aluminum.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable hardwood helps protect the planet from plastic pollution.
  • American ingenuity at its best and quality and craftsmanship designed to last many seasons. 
  • The preferred choice of backyard grillers and competition cooks alike.


NOTE: The color and grain pattern of GrillSafe scrapers are VERY different (and better) than any competitors on the market. They're even different from each other because of the age and cross section of wood used to make each one. We also apply food-grade mineral oil to the products we photograph to highlight these awesome color and grain qualties.  We suggest you do the same with your scraper.  A key benfit is It helps to protect and preserve it from the elements. Try it and see how mineral oil transforms the scraper into a true original - unique, distinct and one-of-a-kind.