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We're Fired Up About Outdoor Grilling

Americans from North to South and East to West LOVE grilling.

ShopGrillSafe.com was born of a passion for outdoor cooking AND a concern about the health hazards of using wire bristle brushes to clean grills. There continues to be thousands of reported medical emergencies related to swallowing loose wire particles attached to grilled food - most involving children - and another 16,000 related to dirty grills. We were determined to find a better way to keep grills clean and families safe. 

Today, ShopGrillSafe.com is the premier source of high quality products for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, Our flagship product, the GrillSafe hardwood grill scraper is a safe, innovative and superior replacement for dangerous wire bristle grill brushes and damaging metal scrapers.

Since our first brand went out the door, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, the most affordable prices, and unmatched service and support. 

In the off chance you have a concern, let us know.  Even if you don't, we'd value your feedback on how we're doing and your input on what we could be doing better or different.

Thanks for giving us a chance to earn your trust and your business, and for taking us along to your cookouts.