24 Strokes To Deep Cleaning Grooves

24 Strokes To Deep Cleaning Grooves

Generally speaking, grillers like it hot and fast where the bbq folks are all about low and slow.  Combining the best of both worlds (hot and slow) is the secret to burning in a PERFECT set of cleaning grooves on your new Grill Chisel V3.  

Take a minute (and eight seconds) to watch the video below.  It's incredibly boring material but it demonstrates the hot and slow method in action and serves as evidence you too can achieve quality cleaning grooves in under 1 minute or 24 strokes.

The product being shown the video is no longer available for sale. It has been replaced by our 15" x 4" x .75" Grillmaster edition.

Here's how.

Step 1.  Heat the grill to 500-600 degrees.

Step 2.  Put on a glove to shield your hand from the heat.

Step 3.  Align the scraper so the grates/rails are centered along the edge of the blade. (SPECIAL NOTE: Once the initial grooves are formed, remember to keep using the same grooves each time you clean the grill.  They'll keep getting deeper until they reach the thick part of the scraper about a quarter to half inch up the scrapers edge).

Step 4. Apply maximum downward pressure on the scraper and maintain that pressure as you slowly push it forward and backward. Pace your speed so it's similar to the scraping pace in the video.

Step 5 (Optional).  After 12 strokes, flip the scraper over and finish the final 12 strokes on the opposite side. Our customers are evenly split on whether or not to rotate between the different sides.  It shouldn't matter as long as you continue to align the cleaning grooves to the grill rails.

VOILA!  After just one minute and 24 strokes you should already have a decent set of cleaning grooves.  We suggest you continue to use the scraper on a hot grill for another 2-3 cleanings.  Then the grooves should be at near maximum depth allowing you to clean the grill whether it's hot or cool.

Don't worry about the Grill Chisel wearing out or the grooves burning too deeply. We cut our scrapers from the hardest woods on the planet with one thing in mind, durability. This product will last a LONG time.

Enjoy you new grill tool, and be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about it.  They'll be thrilled (if not relieved) you care enough about their safety that you ditched the dangerous wire brush in favor of a wood grill scraper.  Once you get the hang of it you'll be asking yourself why you hadn't switched sooner. 


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