About Us

GrillSafe is a portfolio brand of Authorio Digital LLC.  We have over two decades of experience developing innovative and compelling products that customers love.  GrillSafe, our latest consumer brand, is a line of all-natural hardwood grill care tools and outdoor cooking products.

As an organization, Authorio Digital is dedicated to developing high-quality premium products that deliver unique functionality, superior engineering and craftsmanship, and extaordinary value to the customers we serve. Our principal commercial focus is on developing and improving lifestyle products related to outdoor cooking.  As we see it, being outside or grillside are the best places to be.

We recognize the importance and value of customer satisfaction and back our products with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  If something is not right with your order we'll fix it. We're old-school that way.  If were successful at earning your business, we'll work twice as hard to keep it.

Thanks for visiting www.ShopGrillSafe.com and for considering GrillSafe products.

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